The company will not be responsible or liable for any information provided by the applicant.

The company will not be liable in case of any wrong match made due to any misrepresentation.
Validity of an application shall be for one year and may be renewed only on a written request without any additional charges.
If any match is sent which does not confirm to the requirements of the candidate, the same shall not be considered as a proposal and hence not counted.

The applicant / his or her representative shall have the right to verify the credentials/facts of the proposed candidate. Any information/details furnished by the applicant if found incorrect or comes to the notice of the company, all the benefits under this Agreement would be withheld/suspended/forfeited, and action may be taken against the applicant.

The registration form has to be complete in order to proceed further. In case any information is not furnished at the time of submitting the application, then the same, will not be considered for the purpose of match making. The remaining/required information has to be furnished within the next 15 days after submitting the incomplete application, failing which the initial deposit would stand forfeited.

If the applicant fails to inform the company about any change in the particulars furnished or in the "Present Status Card" supplied to the applicant then the applicant shall be suspended from being considered.

The company reserves the right to alter, suspend, terminate the application of any member, in case of company finds the application against the interest of the company of the interest of other applicants.

It is the duty of the concerned persons to make sure that the eligible applicants have attained the age of majority at the time of their marriage.

The Company reserves the right to add/delete/alter/modify/suspend any or all the ancillary/ complimentary services at any time as it may deem fit.

The Company is under no obligation to furnish any definite number of options if there are none corresponding to the bio-data / match desired criteria in the data base; towards any applicant.

Each applicant will be entitled to a maximum of twenty five responses / options at first registration.

In case the applicant/his or her representative comes to know about any incorrect information provided by any other applicant, the same should be brought to the knowledge of the company immediately.

The company will not be under any obligation to give any information / details about other applicant, without the written consent of the applicant concerned.

The Delhi courts only will have the jurisdiction to settle all disputes between the parties and the provisions of Arbitration Act will be applicable.

The Company reserves the right to consider or reject any application.

The processing fee & registration / membership charges are non refundable under any circumstances.